When You’re Asleep — July 6, 2017

When You’re Asleep

I miss you when you’re asleep.             

Those big beautiful hazel eyes. 

 That amazing smile! 

 Nothing beats having you as a child. 


When you wake up full of excitement, 

 Filled with so much joy, and happiness. 

 I can’t help but to feel like 

 The luckiest person alive. 

Everyday you learn something new. 

 From your first words, which weren’t Mama.

 To almost taking your first steps. 

 Now you are teething. 

Pushing and screaming 

 You fight me through the day. 

 Get upset for no reason 

 I never know what to say. 

You start to become to much. 

 Then I think it time for your lunch. 

 I give you a meal and.

 You start to do a dance. 

I put a bunch of toys down for you 

 So we can play But who needs those. 

 When you can play with mommy’s candles. 

When I tell you no you get so sad. 

 You get so mad. 

 That’s when I start to wish it was time for bed. 

 I get you bathed and feed again. 

 Sing you a song.

 You’d be asleep it wouldn’t be long. 

You go to sleep and I get my peace and quite 

 I start to clean and put my shows on. 

 Sit on the couch with a snack 

 And then I wish I had you back. 

I love you no matter what. 

 If you push me if you scream.

 I just miss you so much when your sleeping. 

She Stands Tall!  — June 23, 2017

She Stands Tall! 

7 months ago, that’s the lowest I’ve ever been. 7 months ago, that’s when I didn’t think I was going to make it. 7 months ago, I hated everything about myself. 7 months ago, what I was going through I’d never wish on my worst enemy. 

Postpartum depression was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. Of course when I was dealing with it I never really knew I was actually going through it. I felt so… alone. 

My daughters father, well he didn’t understand. He thought I was just crazy. Try going everyday living with someone that never could understand you. 

I cried almost everyday. Having to go through so much pain inside and still being there for you children. Not even letting them see a single tear fall down from your eyes. You realize how strong you really are. 

Now I stand today with my middle finger up shouting screw you Postpartum. You thought you could take me down for good, but I got right back up. 

To all the Mom’s out there that had to go through such had times and still stood tall. You’re truly amazing and Well, Cheers To That! 🍷

SuperMom! — June 19, 2017


Let me just tell you something.

I will always put my Daughter first.

She will be the first to eat. The first to bathe. The first to be dressed. I will always be the last to sleep. And the last to be ready.

I’m not saying that I do not take care of myself but when you see me looking like this. It’s simply me just being a mom. Not having enough time to get ready myself or just saying screw it lets just rock some sweats. Yeah I don’t look good but my daughter does and that’s what really matters.

I use to see mothers walking around a hot mess and think to myself why didn’t they bother getting ready and now I never pass them without telling them their doing a great job. Just because we don’t hear it enough. It feels so good to know that someone can see past the baggy clothes and messy hair and see a person that is doing their hardest to make sure their kids have everything they need and are taken care of.

So when you see a mother looking like she could really use a nap and a hour shower followed by a silent dinner. Just go up to them and tell them they’re doing a great job. I promise it will make their day.

Rant over and Well, Cheers To That! 💋

First Time Blogger! — June 18, 2017

First Time Blogger!

New blogger here! So basically, I’m going to be telling you a little about myself and what I’ll be blogging about. To start off, I’m a stay at home mom with my first child. Her name is Brooklynn and she will be 10 months in ten days. It’s really crazy how a baby can make time go by so much faster. Long story short she changed my life around completely, definitely for the better. I’m 23 years of age and before I had her… I wasn’t going anywhere with my life. Now I know exactly what I want and where I want to go. Photography is my joy. I’ve started my own business in that field and couldn’t be happier with it. Since I’ve became a mom at a young age. I noticed all my friends disappear… crazy right! Which leads to why I wanted to start a blog. For all the Mom’s young and old. That just want to talk. Mom talk! From the good to the ugly. There is no shame in what is talked about here. Some days will be filled with laughter and others can be filled with tears either or it’s fine because that’s the true Mom Life.